Ideally located, Casa Uca is the perfect base for you to explore Guriú during your stay. Absorb its energy, and let its unique vibes and the sincerity of its inhabitants win you over.


Long before we chose to name our hotel after the little “Uca” crabs populating the mangrove, nature was already inspiring native people : according to the elderly locals, the village’s name has been inspired by a beautiful bird sheltered in the forest, whose song sounded like “Guru, guru”…

Guriú’s hospitable community is mainly composed of fishermen and farmers : people strongly connected with nature, respecting the sea, the earth, and all their richness. The village of Guriú is located on the west coast of Ceará, between Jericoacoara and the beaches of Tatajuba.


Its unique location at the mouth of a river, between mangroves and sand dunes, makes it accessible only by boat, according to the tide… Thanks to this particularity, the place has kept its own rhythm and its exuberant nature.




The region is renowned for its great kitesurfing spots. The flat waters of the lagoon are prefect for freestyle sailing, while you can find good little waves in the ocean.




Long walk in the mangroves are perfect occasions to discover the rich wildlife of the region, contemplating seahorses and birds.

We also recommend canoe trips on the river and peaceful paddle sessions on the lagoon. And if you are an adrenaline seeker, don’t miss the opportunity of a buggy or quad ride in the dunes !